Thursday, December 2, 2010

Turkey Trot!

Pam & I, my son-in-law Brett and my sister Donna got together on this very cold Thanksgiving morning to do the KC/Sprint Turkey Trot and fun run 5K in Kansas City. Did I mention it was cold. But after we started walking we warmed up. Patricia was signed up for it also, but just wasn't feeling up to it that morning, dang it!
Pam and Donna set their pace, and Brett & I set ours. Probably about 200 or 300 yards behind Pam & Donna, as best I can figure it; because after the first mile, we didn't see them again till the finish line (ha). It became apparent that we were going to be left behind when they started power-walking and weaving in and around the slower clumps of people. It was a fun event, and that afternoon at my brother's house I didn't feel quite as guilty about having that extra plate of turkey and sweet potatoes.

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