Tuesday, December 28, 2010

OK... let's wrap it up here people!

The scene: our kitchen this morning at approximately 6:10. I am sitting at the table, half asleep, eating a bowl of cereal... getting ready to leave the house for work. Pam breezes in (I'm pretty sure she's been up since 5:00, at least, and has probably already done step-aerobics and a half hour of yoga... hmmmmm)

Pam: "I think I'm going to take the tree down today".
Del: "really?... today?... well, OK."
I tell you, that woman doesn't mess around. But actually, that may not be such a bad idea. I had already made plans to take the outside Christmas lights down this coming weekend, weather permitting... even the (no longer) ice-encased lights wrapped around the tree in the front yard.
Last year, I think I ended up taking down the last of the outside decorations in March... maybe May?... I know it was a month that starts with 'M'. Hey, sometimes you just don't want that special feeling of the holidays to end. But I must admit that it was time for the lighted snowflakes on the garage to go once our big Bradford Pear tree next to the driveway started to bloom and leaf out. So maybe January 1st is as good a day as any to get that taken care of. But I'm pretty sure that when I get home this afternoon, the Christmas tree will be back in the box, ready to seal and store away for another year. That's alright, just because the tree has been packed away, doesn't mean Christmas is over. I think there's still some spiked eggnog in the frig. Cheers! On to 2011!

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