Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Dreams are funny, aren't they?

This morning I had an unusual dream... as if most dreams are normal (ha)
Anyway, I was in a very large, old college class room or lab, and the ceiling is like two stories high... just a huge room. And I'm there with David Letterman. There were some things going on at the beginning of it that I can't clearly recall, but everything sort of came to a focal point once I realized that the room was filling up with water. At first I thought it was some kind of a Letterman gag... a stunt for his show, but Dave was as surprised as I was. Before we knew it, the room was completely filled with water! We are both swimming around (under water) and in a little bit of a panic. I happened to have a small bottle of air with a hose attached to it, and I drained that in just a few seconds, but it gave me enough time to see that Dave was up in the corner, with his head above water. I surfaced right next to him just as my last breath was giving out. Our heads were touching the ceiling, it was so close. I was concerned that the water would keep rising, but it didn't, so we treaded water there for a minute or so, not talking... just quietly pondering the unusual situation we are in. Moments later the level of the water began to slowly drop, but I was still looking for a way to get us back down. I saw a large chisel sitting on a desk below, and swam down to get it. I smashed a couple of the windows, and I could see that the water was flowing out. And then I woke up. Bizarre. I wonder if David Letterman had a similar dream last night? Now that would be an interesting twist. I should give him a call.

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