Sunday, August 14, 2011

150th anniversary of the battle at Wilson's Creek

I had a very interesting and enjoyable afternoon at the Wilson's Creek battle re-enactment.


saramaria said...

That is so cool that you went to that! I was wondering what it would be like...How often do they do that? Every year?

Tricia said...

I WANT that dress! :) Just maybe not in the 100* heat. Alas, I was not intended to live in a century that did not include air conditioning! And Sara, they do some sort of reennactment each year... but this was a biggie, so I bet they pulled out all the stops.

Harold D said...

Yes... this was the 150th anniversary of the battle. It was a "biggie". They don't do these kind of reenactments very often, although they do have cannon demonstrations and rifle firing now & then. The battle that I was at lasted well over an hour. I am soooo glad I went. If I had been thinking ahead, I would have given everyone a heads-up about it. Next time!