Thursday, April 7, 2011

Scenes of early Springtime on the Finley

Wake Robin and May Apple on the floodplain.
Grapevines. This time of year you can cut one of these and the sap will flow like a garden hose.
The Finley River in Christian County, at Ozark, along the Bluff Springs Trail

While at work these past few months, I have been coming out to the Finley to walk on my lunch hour. These trails are located south of the Recreational Center in Ozark. It's a welcome break from sitting at a computer all morning. This gravel bar has called my name many times, and almost convinced me just as often that all I really needed to do that day was linger there at the water's edge a little bit longer, and look for neat rocks, listen to the river flowing by, and enjoy the sounds of the crows in a nearby sycamore tree. I usually wait till the last possible moment, then head back to the car. Nature does not play fair!

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