Monday, April 25, 2011


The walkway below the Ozark Community Rec. Center, leading down to the trails along the river, where I usually go walking at lunch. The edge of the river is normally located about 20 or 30 feet beyond the trees in the middle of the picture, above.

The old Jeep dealership parking lot in Ozark, the above photo was taken today and the one below was taken in 2009.

I left for Ozark this morning fully expecting that the Finley would be in flood stage, because of the seemingly non-stop rain we have been getting these past few days. And it certainly is.

The last time it did this was in the fall of 2009. A good place to gauge the height of the river is at the river crossing on 14 here in Ozark. There is a large parking lot on the west side of the bridge where The Heritage Jeep dealership used to be, with two buildings... a used car hut, and the main sales and service building. When the river is high the water gets to the used car hut, like it did in 2009. When the water is really high, it gets to the main building. It's at the main building now, and there is no sign that the rain is going to let up (at least in the next 24 hours, or so). If it keeps up the way it's going, we could see some real record-breaking flooding here in southwest Missouri. It's even worse to our south and east. It is interesting to see, but I hope everyone stays safe.

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