Monday, February 21, 2011

Watch out Pepe'

When I got to work this morning and opened the front door I was greeted by a very familiar scent... an odor, some might say. It was the unmistakable essence of skunk... not outside, but inside the office! It wasn't strong enough for me to suspect that Pepe' Le Pew had taken a short-cut through our end of the building last night, but it was pretty clear that he had been close. Probably trolling for that petite femme skunk (or poor little black kitty that accidently walked under a freshly painted fence... it happens) that he noticed earlier in the evening, behind our office.

"Hellllooooo babeee... Yoooo hoooo... come now my sweet, do not hide from zeee love, do no run away, zeee night it is young."

Spring is in the air, and the skunks are thick. Anytime it gets above freezing around here this time of year, the skunks get that ol' feelin'. We catch a whiff of them around the house almost every night, and we can always count on Gabriel to let loose with a crazed barrage of barking if one gets too close. Thanks buddy... you saved us again. Last night when I was taking the trash out, I opened the front door cautiously and rattled the trash bag ahead of me, just in case one of them happened to be lurking in the bushs. Thankfully there weren't any. This time.
But sadly, the drive to find that darling femme skunk must also make them oblivious to cars. On my drive home from work this afternoon, along Highway 65 (between Ozark and Springfield) I counted at least 10 skunks on the side of the road. After passing the second one, I closed my vents and put the air on re-circulate. They have a lot of character, even in death.
So here's to you Pepe'... have fun, but let's be careful out there.

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saramaria said...

You so just answered my question for the day! ' "Why the heck are there so many dead skunks out the last couple of days??" Jolee told me it must be raining skunks LOL...I can always count on my Uncle Del for some wonderful tidbits of info!