Wednesday, February 9, 2011

More snow... seriously. Enough already.

This isn't northern Iowa.
Here's a shot of the MoDOT Road Conditions Map, taken at 9:00 this morning. The purple roads are covered with snow, and the blue roads are partly covered. I'm sitting here at my computer at work (on break... don't worry) watching it come down. It's fairly fine, light snow, but it does add up after a while. I would guess we have a little over an inch... inch & a half maybe, here in Ozark. It started early this morning, pre-dawn and is supposed to continue most of the day, with an eventual total of anywhere from 2 to 64 inches. No wait... it says 4 inches. The way it looks now, I would be surprised if we get 4 inches. But then again, I kinda scoffed at the "blizzard" warnings we were getting last week. And that didn't turn out so good (ha). Oh well... not much we can do about it. YEA!!!! more snow! That's the spirit. Ugh. At this rate, Pam may not get out of school till June. ;) Oh... and just for an added kick, it's 10 degrees out there. 10.


Tricia said...

Oh yeah...but just you wait. It won't be long before it's 98 degrees out there and we all think we might pass out from heatstroke. (clippty clop) Off to make reservation for a trip to Alaska.

saramaria said...

I am soooo over this weather. I feel your pain!

Harold D said...

As you know, my dear child, I am invigorated by the mere thought of temps in the 90s. Aaaaaahhhhh... it's like a warm hug from Mother Nature ;) and what's this about a trip to Alaska?
And Sara.. I am very much over this weather too. It was SO last iceage. Global warming my foot!... Hmmmmmmmm (ha!)