Sunday, January 30, 2011


Sometimes it's just so hard to choose. A wonderful, sunny 78 degrees and sand between our toes... or this
Well... the National Weather Service site pretty much says it all, as you can see. Our winter storm is on its way. If it's going to do it, it may as well be a doozie. None of this messin' around with a half inch of snow. Lets go for a foot! What the heck.

Monday evening (January 31st) weather update: we are now under a blizzard warning. Snow totals have been ramped up a bit, also. They are talking a foot to 15 inches just to our north... probably as close as Bolivar & Stockton Lake. High winds, very cold temps for the next few days. I'm still a bit skeptical about the snow totals, but who knows... They are saying that the snow really isn't going to kick in till early tomorrow morning, but we could see sleet and freezing rain after midnight. It's 10:30 now, it's drizzling, and the temperature is standing at 32 degrees. Tomorrow morning at 6:30, I don't want there to be any doubt as to whether or not I should even bother pulling the car out of the garage. Somehow, though, I don't think that's going to happen. Pam is over at the Manor with her mom... so she has to be out in this awful weather, dangit. And Debbie and Tracy are driving up from Durant tonight, right along the storm track.

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