Sunday, October 18, 2009

Just in time for Halloween!

We have a guest that has taken up residency in our garage overnight... a bat. I guess it just got too cold for the little guy last night and it had to find a safe place. Not quite sure what to do about it right now, so I will leave it alone for the time being. Hmmmmmm. Interesting. It looks healthy, and probably just wants to be left alone, but what I'm afraid of is that it is thinking it has found a great hibernation spot, and will be there all winter. Not so sure I like that.
We had a bat that spent three straight summers roosting under the overhang of our front porch here at the house. We called her Betty... Betty Bat. She didn't show up this past summer, so in a strange sort of way we missed her. Betty was a little bigger than this bat we have in the garage, so I doubt it's the same one. I'll just keep an eye on it and see how things go. If necessary, I will shoo it out, but killing it will be an absolute last measure. And that's only because I don't like it being so close to the dogs in a confined area.


Trish said...

Just now getting around to looking at the picture... jeeze, he's CUTE! Wondering if he's left yet?

just another mammal. However, this one is named Harold. said...

yes... it warmed up a bit Monday, and by Monday evening he/she had left the garage. I looked for it Tuesday morning, thinking maybe it was just out hunting for the night, but I think the garage was just a temporary rest stop. I was just starting to get used to it.