Monday, October 17, 2011

Hey buddy... can you spare a jalapeno?

With the forecast of upper 20s coming this week, I figured it was time to bring in what was left of our garden, so after work this afternoon, I got to it. We already picked about half this many jalapenos a couple of weeks ago, and about the same amount of banana peppers. But this last load from today was a bumper crop. I think this is the most jalapenos we've ever had at one time. And they are HOT. Very tasty and hot. There's about 4 inches of peppers in that bucket I'm holding. Pam just looked at it and shook her head. Hmmmmmm... what to do. Freeze 'em. Which seems funny, considering that's why we decided to pick them all... freezing temps. I also picked quite a few green tomatoes, which will be placed in a paper bag and allowed to ripen. We've done this before, and have enjoyed tomatoes from our garden well into November. It's not quite the same, but they are still pretty good. This was a bad year for tomatoes, though. Our plants grew like crazy, but didn't produce much of anything worth talking about. I'll be clearing out the garden here in the next day or so... doing some major composting and closing it down for the year. I guess our long, wonderful summer is behind us. (sigh....)

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Tricia said...

Oh my gosh! We did the same thing... only with green tomatos. Yeah. Sure. NOW they decide to do something! We have two full size brown paper bags FULL, plus a counter top covered. But yea!!! Fall's finally here!