Saturday, March 19, 2011

excuse me... um, we want your oil, so we're going to have to kill you now.

Welp folks... we're at it again.
They call it Operation Odyssey Dawn. You know it's straight-up when they give it some cool sounding name. The headlines read: U.S. Launches Military Strikes in Libya. Doesn't really surprise me nearly as much as it simply makes me sad. Can't we ... just once... keep our damn American nose out of the business of others. And it seems that the people of the United States are powerless... we have no say in this, apparently. It just makes me grind my teeth.

I understand that the U.S. has had a serious, long-standing beef with Gaddafi, but here's a thought. Call me crazy, but how 'bout we wrap up those other two wars (dang... I almost forgot about those!) we are involved in, before we start another one. Oh I know... this one isn't a war... it's just a little "military action". Just doing our part to help out. Right. Whatever you want to call it. Oh yea, they're calling it Operation Odyssey Dawn... that's right.

You know, when I started this blog, I made a promise to myself that I wouldn't get tangled in politics here. It just wears me down, and frankly serves no positive purpose in the long run... except to provide me a place to vent. I'm thankful for the current administration, although I have been far from satisfied with Obama's performance on many issues. Yet, these past couple of years my taste for any serious political debate has faded into the Texas skyline . Frankly, I was just sick & tired of it after the eight years we spent under the G.W. Bush administration. So it really hasn't been much of an effort to leave political rants out of this space. But sometimes I see things that just make me so frustrated, that I feel the need to at least say something about it. This is one of those rare moments. And it is also another time when I am wondering... what is Obama doing!? ugh! enough.


saramaria said...

Totally agreed...sad

Tricia said...

Our government dropped 110 Tomahawk missiles (each one costs $569,000 dollars) last night...estimated appx 1000 civilian deaths. How are we helping? Well, by killing. Of course? I was so very very disappointed to watch this last night...