Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Playing in the mud

Here are a few of the pieces of pottery I have made so far. I've got a couple of others that didn't make it into the shot. As for the "pitcher", the guy that oversees our class, Nathan, said it wasn't ready for a handle yet, so I sat it back under plastic for another week. One of the girls that I am in class with, named Lee (that's her and Nathan in the upper picture) calls those smaller pieces, like the ones in the picture "cat bowls". I thought that was pretty funny... and she's right, some of them do look like catfood bowls. I am slowly getting the feel for making larger pieces, but it is more difficult than it looks, but that's OK. I didn't expect to be making large anything in the first month. I am enjoying it, and eveyone is very welcoming and encouraging. I learn something every night I go there. I'll be ready to open my own studio any time now (ha!)... OK maybe next year. Nathan said they would probably be bisque firing the pots (in the picture above) this week. FUN. Then I will glaze them and fire them one more time to make them waterproof. Now we have to get a cat.

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saramaria said...

I'm going to have to add this to things I want to learn! After mastering sewing, I'm starting piano lessons soon :)