Sunday, November 1, 2009

Halloween 2009!

What a great Halloween night! The weather was pretty much perfect, the moon was almost full, and the little monsters were everywhere, scurrying all about the neighborhood. Fun night. We had almost 100 trick or treaters!


Der Krampus said...

I really like the photo of the looming specter-like figure over the roof! How exactly did you accomplish that? I would like to try something similar this year.

Harold D said...

That is a simple 1/4" plywood frame with black plastic tarp stapled to it. And that's mounted on a 2X4 assembly, which is attached to the roof. Not quite as cool looking in the light of day, up close (ha) but up on the roof (especially at night) it has a great impact. You can see it all the way across the neighborhood. I put a white spot light behind it. The smoke is just from a fog machine on the ground below it. When it's not too windy, the smoke drifts up and around it, making those great shafts of light. The light for the eyes is in a box mounted to the back of it. It's one of my favorite props, and comes back to haunt the neighborhood every year. Thanks for your kind words!

Harold D said...

One word of caution, though... here in Missouri, it can be pretty windy in October, and that prop is large... about 8 feet tall (fully assembled) and it is like a big sail or kite in the wind. Not only does it have to be very well secured to the roof, but when I'm putting it up, I have to be very careful about NOT getting blown off the roof when I've got ahold if it.